wordpress social share plugin: Why for my wordpress built website



WordPress is one of the mostly used cms around web. Almost every blogger uses wordpress for blogging. Along with bloggers many web developers find website development convenient with the help of wordpress.

What makes wordpress so easy to use and popular is the easily configurable themes and plugins. They are available from wordpress directory and can also  be manually downloaded. Plugins help in increasing productivity and functionality on a wordpress website.

There are several plugins which help in increasing traffic and content reach for a wordpress website and social share plugin is one of them.

Social share plugin for wordpress helps in showing social share icons on a wordpress website.

They can be enabled on posts, pages, images, videos, etc.


Why social share plugin?

As mentioned above, social share plugin shows social share buttons on website.Social share buttons are especially for sharing content on corresponding social media platforms.

The benefit of sharing on social media platform is that social media platform is a good source of traffic.  It has variety of users with interests similar to website.It has traffic for every type of website.

If someone shares a content from your website, the content reaches to a new audience completely different from website’s audience, in form of friends and followers.

Shared content can be seen by them and if someone likes the content they will definitely visit website and probably will reshare it.

Re-sharing of content starts the whole audience cycle again.


Search engines count traffic from social media in one of the ranking factors while ranking websites in SERP.

On the other hand share buttons are appreciated by website visitors and helps in leaving a positive impact on them.

Installing social social share plugin on your wordpress website will only benefit you in terms of traffic and followers.

Along with it, analytics on sharing plugin will help you understand the most loved content about your website and the audience sharing it.

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