Why In-house Customer Identity Management Is A Bad Idea?


Ever thought of buying a software package? Well, it is a tough question, isn’t it? Whether you should buy it or you should build it on your own! Most of the businesses here go for the latter as building on your own provides you to customize the package as per your needs and requirements and we all know how much we marketers love the word, custom!


Well, the same theory is most often applied when people prefer to go for a customer identity management solution. But unlike others, it is quite a delicate task to decide whether one should build the CIM platform from the scratch or buying works better! For those who still don’t know what is a customer identity management solution, a customer identity management platform helps businesses to manage identity of their customers. The value of customer identities is known to all and that’s why it becomes more important to find out the right CIM solution.


While most of the businesses will go with the building on own approach, reason being the headache of finding the right CIM solution combined with the inability of customization. But in this article I am sharing you issues why in-house customer identity management is a bad idea :


  1. Higher Cost :


Okay, you have decided to build your own CIM solution, so what will it take? The first two things that you will be needed are the large team of developers with expertize in the same along with someone who has millions of dollars! You must be wondering how on the mention of money, but let me help you out! We all know the outcome of a CIM platform is the precious data which needs to be managed well in order to build unified customer profile but servers cost big bucks, right? Plus, does your server gives 100% safety guarantee to your data?


  1. Huge time investment :


To set up CIM solution, you will either have to borrow your existing developers or hire someone fresh. While most of the businesses prefer the earlier option, and money is not a big deal for you but time definitely is! Do you know it will take around 128 hours to build you just the social login function and many more hours daily basis to maintain the same. And don’t forget, social login is just a minor part of CIM solution. Calculate yourself. It will require you to have several months to build your own customer identity management solution and a lot more to maintain the same.


  1. Missing scalability :


Let’s just assume, you have developers, money and time and you are succeed in building your own customer identity management solution, sounds amazing right? Customers are flocking your business but what happens once your traffic goes beyond the certain limit? Suddenly you will find yourself looking for new servers that can handle so much load but till then, your competitors will already be a step ahead. Customers hate not getting what they want and how they want and of course, you wouldn’t want annoyed customers for your business or would you?


So friends, what have you decided? Let me know in the comments below.


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