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Marketers still feel that website is one of the effective mediums to engage with their customers despite of many social networks. Customers likes to visit website first to gather all the knowledge compared to social profiles.Below are some social media marketing trends which are tending in 2016

Mobile supremacy: For Marketers and Brands, mobiles are becoming primary choices. Almost all the big brands and businesses are having responsive websites, i.e their website can adapt to any type of mobile screen.

According to a study, most of the people prefer using mobiles for browsing compared to desktops.

Live Streaming:  Facebook Live, Periscope are some of the examples which are proving a gold mine for marketers. Some businesses like fashion, event planners are using live streaming features to promote their business.
Long gone the time when Snapchat was used as an experiment in Markets Lab. People prefer watching Live stream, compared to recorded sessions.

Social Sharing: Promoting content is a traditional way of getting to your audience. Socially sharing content preferably market insights, tips, news from the industry etc is shared a lot. Incase of less audience, use of hashtags increases reachability of the posts.
Increasing sharing counts also depends on the number of social networks the share plugin is supporting.

More social networks, more the shares. In some countries like China,  they have their own social networks, Facebook is banned, so if you are not including China’s social networks, you are losing whole a bunch of shares and reach

Numbers are not just the Numbers: Metrics are the gold, not only for the businesses/markets , but also for the customers. Product reviews, Engagement, Positive reviews, Downloads, Sales etc are the golden numbers which can agree a customer to approach you.

Visual Content is the King:  You might have heard, content is the king, but visual content is the king, is something new. Well it is to and for the marketers.
People like to read content, but compared to reading, they prefer to see content.
Information in a text form doesn’t look much appealing to eyes, but if the information is in pictorial form, i.e infographic, people like to have a look and it also looks appealing.

So these are some of the few trends in social media marketing.

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