Web SSO: For Both Businesses As Well As For Customers


Digitization has changed the world today. Because of the internet, everything is at our doorstep. There is a tremendous growth in the number of online based services. From ordering pizza to provide business to business services, everything has gone online. The websites and the Internet play a vital role in this digital revolution.

Businesses these days have multiple interrelated websites of their own. It is great to have multiple websites but there are some issues related to it. Users and customers have to create multiple accounts for all the websites and other related applications. This is very complicated. They not only have to create the accounts but also have to remember credentials.

The web SSO solution is a method that addresses the problem. It allows users to login all the accounts by login to any of the related websites and by using one username and password.

The solution comes with lots of benefits for both businesses and users. Here are some of the benefits:

For Businesses

Helps in driving first-party data: Marketers are very aware of the importance of having the first-party data. The web SSO solution helps businesses to gain this data. With the help of this, they can know their users in a better way and offer more personalized services.

Reduces support help-desk cost: Businesses are spending lots of money in solving users password forget issues on the support team. The web SSO solution reduces the numbers of passwords to remember, this means few chances of forgetting them.

Increases profit: By reducing the cost of support help desk cost and investment on other resources, the solution increases profit.

For Users

Improves experience: The solution improves users experience by making the complex authentication process simple. Now, users can login to multiple accounts of the same business using one credentials.

Removes password fear: As I stated, with web SSO, there is a need of only one password. Therefore, the solution reduces the fear of remembering numbers of passwords.

So, friends, these are some of the benefits of web SSO for both the businesses and customers.

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