Use Humor to engage employees this April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s day everyone!

April fool is an old-age tradition and a good reason to celebrate humor at our work places. After all, making your team laugh unitedly is great for morale, team building and engagement. You know humor is relative, one person’s idea of fun is the reason of another person’s irritation. But it is a plain idea of fun.

So why not take advantage of this hilarious day by executing some of the funniest office pranks with your colleagues. You can take an idea from here!

Your head in the Jar “fridge” prank!

Just imagine someone opening a fridge door for some food and got scared to see his own head in the Jar.  Wow, horrifying isn’t it? Well, this is a simple April fool’s day prank which require a bit knowledge of Photoshop. It hardly takes 30 minutes to compose this prank. To do so you need:

  • A photo editor software
  • A large Jar
  • Food coloring
  • Computer printer
  • Paper lamination

Just blend two images together to create a flat image of a person’s head. Laminate it and then submerge it into a Jar. When this distorted image is inserted into a curved jar gives an illusion of decollated head in a jar of preserving fluid.

Just stand behind your victim to see his expression when he opens the fridge door.


Desk in the Bathroom Prank!

What happen when in morning you went to your building’s washroom and find your belongings (your desk) resting over there. Shocking!

Try this with one of your friend at office and record their expression to laugh upon throughout the year.


Mayo in donuts!

There will be definitely someone who is crazy for donuts at your workplace. Well, this prank is for those donut lovers. Just fill their donuts with yummy mayonnaise and enjoy the fun

The wrapping paper desk joke!

Well this is the most popular office prank people often play on their office mates. All you need is ample of wrapping papers and make a chair using them. Replace your target’s chair with your handmade chair and enjoy a good laugh when he fall down of that chair.


Well these are my own tested pranks and trust me we still burst into laughter when it recalls. So I suggest you try them as well on this upcoming April fool’s day. Plus I am also looking forward for your idea to play around this day. Share them in the comment box below.


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