Uniforming user authentication of multiple websites

authentication of multiple websites

Businesses are investing in multiple niches these days. Some start with ground level and some acquire already established businesses. Exploring other horizons, most of them have gone online, either as a service provider or product.

Most of such businesses have different niches under their acquisition. They either have partial connection or no connection with their current niche.

Some businesses look for such acquisitions as an expansion to their group and some look at it as a future vision for their present business.

With businesses getting online, there are certain challenges a business has to face like security, maintenance etc. One of such challenges is user data management.

Each website has particular user who logs in and logs out everyday. For an enterprise acquires website(s), there are numerous such customers which are either new or are registered on all the properties owned.

From user experience view it can be annoying as users have to separately login to all those websites. This is annoying because users have to remember different passwords as a precaution to password hack and in real world chances of forgetting passwords is very much common.

A Single Sign on solution helps in uniforming such complexity of user registrations and authentication. A SSO once applied on any group of websites allows seamless login to every website by automatically authenticating to all the websites once authenticated to one website.

Once a user logs in to a website, user gets logged in to other sso connected website and once they visit that website, they automatically gets logged in. same is with sign-out process.

This helps in increasing user experience of visitors and increase loyalty towards a business. More comforting users are, more likely they will choose you and recommend.

Business needs not to worry about maintaining any hardware or developer to maintain that data. Upon request that data can easily be extracted and integrated with other apps and services.

Hence for such websites which are under a single enterprise domain, should opt for single sign-on solution  to increase user experience and decrease efforts and pain for themselves.

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