Two tips to rank your content on search engines



With regular rollouts from Google, ranking of content has become hard on Google search. Recently Google rolled out an update called Google Fred. After fred, many websites saw a downfall  including big ecommerce sites, blogs and business websites. Fred spared no culprit, so just to be on safe side, it is time to straighten yourself up and follow some fred friendly tips to rank your content on search engines without getting penalized.


Tip 1: LSI Content

Ever since artificial intelligence is developed it is being used in different aspect of human lives. Search engines have adopted artificial intelligence and excelled it to an extent it can differentiate your content quality using your page title, keywords and content.

LSI is acronym for Latent Semantic Indexing, which is a mathematical method used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content. When bot crawls a webpage, AI grabs the most common words and phrases and collects them for further identifying main keywords for the page.

AI use LSI to learn about the content and understand about it. It also help it rank  the content.

To write LSI friendly content, use variations of keywords. Use long tail keywords more relating to the keyword and also which makes sense to the content.

Irrelevant and stuffed content is a turnoff for uses as well as for bots, and can get you banned from search results.


Tip 2: Social Media

Social media is still one of the crucial factors which drives traffic as well as trust. Sharing on social media helps in increasing reach of the content as well as improve chances of getting new followers.


Search engines count social signals as one of many trust factors for a content, so do share it and spread across social media using your page and social ads (if in budget.)

You can also target relevant social groups to share your content.

Add social share buttons on your website elements to promote social sharing.

Sharing across social media increase chances of getting traffic back to your site as well as generate social signals for your content.


These are the two tips which can help your content rank on search engines.


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