Two factor authentication: A major player in security and brand reputation


Reputation for a brand is worth billions. For an enterprise playing in billions, a minute mistake can cause a big damage, disturbing every process and results.


A bad reputation will cause loss of sales, customers, investors and market shares. This is why every business in its progressing and developed stages care about small things and do whatever it takes to maintain its reputation.

There in this post we will be discussing one such risk which  can cause blunder and damage a company’s reputation.

One of the several risk involved in an online platform is with user credentials and access.

There have been several cases of stolen identity and unauthorized access over internet and are continuously increasing on daily/monthly basis.

Thieves steal credentials and use it for unethical purposes.

Mostly it is a carelessness from user side, although business is blamed for the occurrence

One of the common and easy way to collect someone’s credentials is by infecting their device via marlar or by sniffing their traffic and extracting their credentials.

Two Factor authentication helps in preventing the access to the property by cross validating the user which makes both the above methods in effective. Even though the thief has  the credentials, they cannot access till they pass the validation.



Using a Two factor authentication service provider on website ensures that users are verified using SMS, call or email before they can be given access to premium service of the website.


By implementing it on website, businesses are fulfilling their duty of securing customer data.


If a website has many identity theft cases, it will definitely lose its clients, hence the followers and market. users/visitors will feel insecure while using their credentials.


That is the reason Two Factor Authentication is one of the major player in security which directly impacts on website reputation in a positive way.


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