Top ways to perform LinkedIn keyword optimization!

Top ways to perform LinkedIn keyword optimization!

Having a profile setup on this huge professional medium is for sure not enough to get you the popularity you desired for. There are certain things that will help you stand out in the crowd. So just stop being lazy and put forth some efforts to get recognized in this big maze of high professionals. The very first thing that you need to do is to make your LinkedIn profile keyword rich. Here are top 5 ways to perform effective LinkedIn  keyword optimization, so just hold on and give it a quick read!

Optimize your Headline:

Headline is your section that lies beneath your name. You can use it as a matching game. Make it either descriptive or multiple title headline where you can add most relevant skills that best describe you. You can take advantage of Google Keyword planner to find out your best suitable keywords that other people would most likely to use when searching for a similar talent of yours.

For example instead of putting “digital marketer” you can use “SEO specialist”, “Internet marketer” “digital marketing analyst” to broaden your chances to be visible on LinkedIn search.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile Summary:

This section of your LinkedIn profile is probably the most scanned one plus here you have lots of space(2000 character limit) to display your capabilities. Here you are allowed to play with your words with no pre-defined template. So wisely use this space to broadcast your message and include keywords relevant to your industry, passion and experience.

Optimize your Job Title:

Be creative when introducing what you do. You are not limited to just one title over here. Incorporate industry- related keywords and create variations of your job title. But don’t stretch it too long and keep it only 5 title long or to maximum one sentence long.


This section is more of showcasing your qualifications and experiences. Don’t laden up this with the boring explanation of what you have done so far. Efficiently outline and highlight your professional qualifications with relative keywords. Also name what duties and responsibilities you had in past years and focus on your accomplishments.


So finally a place to add a plenty of skills you have and you also can have them endorsed by others. All you have to do is just type in a “keyword” and a big list of already defined skills popped up in front you, select the one you are qualified for.

So here are top 5 areas of your LinkedIn profile that you can populate with keywords. Keep these tips in mind while optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Share your experiences via comments below.

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