Top tricks to master the Google Search!

We use Google all time, everyday. Students use it for school, business person use it for research and millions more use it for entertainment. But do they use Google Search at its maximum potential?

No! Many of us don’t even know what Google search console holds behind its algorithm and what shortcuts it accepts to refine the searches. Yes, Google offers some cool tricks to make your search more productive and fast.


Here is a compiled list of such Google search bar trick for you. Have a look!

Google exact phrase match!

If you want Google to return your phrase as it is in the same order and proximity then surround your phrase within the quotes like ”top Seo blogs”. With a search query like this you will have a list of blogs that have the exact phrase in them.


Use the tabs!

You have seen a number of tabs like Web, News, Images and More. You can use these tabs to define what kind of search you want to perform. For example if you are looking for a recent news article you can select “News” tab to find the news or if you need images for something switch to “Image” tab. It is simple to use these tabs to refine your searches.


Use Google Site search!

This is one of the most common Google searches. You often want to make a search for some specific content within a particular site. For example you want to look for free movie downloads within the site “website.about.com”. Syntax for this search query would be like this:

Site:websearch.about.com “Free Movie Downloads”


Use Google to find sites that are similar to other sites!

This can be used by everyone if they know something like this existed. Let’s say you know a website to which you are addicted but after sometime the website is getting boring and you want to find other websites like that. Here this trick would be useful to you. Just type in “related: flipkart.com” and you will get a list of other sites that is similar to “”flipkart.com”. Try it out.


Use Google Negative Search!

When you want to exclude some words from your search query, use “-” symbol in front of those words you do not want to appear in search results. Just like this example: “Mustang -cars”.


So you can see there are lots of simple shortcuts that you can use in your daily routine to refine your Google searches. And that’s not all, there are many more such hidden Google tricks that you might not aware of. So If I am missing on some of them, then please do share them in the comment box below.


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