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writing tools

With content marketing shaping up the digital world, it becomes essential to have a good grip on writing skills. But words are hard and it becomes even harder when you don’t belong to this community. It can give you cold sweats if you are asked to write a blog post when you are not a professional one for that.

writing tools

But writing is not that tough. It is all about placing the words together in a way that makes sense, sounds good and makes the reader feel something. All it requires is a discipline, an environment and a willingness to learn. Moreover, there are certain online writing tools that can help you to hone the writing skills and this post is to target some of them for you. So just be with us till the end of the post and get ready to blog!



Daily Page:


Writing is a game of practice. The more you write the more you become profound. Daily Page helps you to maintain a daily habit of writing. It emails you a writing prompt everyday in the morning and you need to jot down your ideas around that. When you are done with your response you can either share it or keep it private.


750 words:


“Brain dump” is the best way to empower your writing talent. It means getting all the stuff in your mind down the paper without even worrying about incomplete ideas, tangents and private stuff . And to do this, you have 750 words with yourself. It is not about blogging or a quick status update. With 750 words you can create a private account where you write whatever you want without even titling your posts. Plus it is gamified. You get points for each time you write and it keeps a track of your word count and show statistics of the time you spent in writing.


Help Me Write:


Writing serves the best when your audience actually wants to read a content like that. At your Help Me Write profile, you can post your ideas and ask for the suggestions by sharing those ideas across your social media accounts. There people will vote on their favorites and you’ll be able to choose your topic and save your time.




If you want a focused environment around you and want to keep away all the distractions then ZenPen is your solution. It is a web app that gives you a minimalistic writing zone. All you have is some text formatting options and that’s it. Once you are done with your writing you can copy paste your content to your blog editor and apply any style you want.


So these are some hidden tools for writing that you can use and make this an entertaining task rather than a boring one. Start using them and share your experience here in the comment box below.

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