Tips I followed after installing wordpress website



Hello, this is cody and I am going to discuss what my experience are and some tips after installing wordpress on my server.

WordPress is an awesome cms to work upon. A person with a bit of technical knowledge and no coding knowledge can also use wordpress.

It can be used for making your personal or business blog, website, portfolio, forums or even a social network.

I am writing this post exclusively for people who are beginners at wordpress and need extra help to move forward in their journey.

Below are some tips which you should definitely follow after installing wordpress.

Changing Default Values: Most of the people are reluctant to change default values. Changing default values take some effort and time but it is for your own safety. Default values are a very easy target for hackers to track and exploit, so it is recommended to not to use default values like admin in username, wp_ in database prefix etc. to use. Go through this post on advance wordpress security to know more.  

Adding Share Buttons: They are a must for a website. WordPress social share  enables responsive sharing buttons on website elements. They can support 50 social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and a lot more, which amplifies chances of getting traffic from different social media platforms.

It increases user experience of visitors as well as helps in increasing referral traffic to your website, hence a win win for everyone.  

Adding a caching plugin: Caching plugin is a great help for visitors, especially who visit your website on regular intervals.

Caching plugin caches static part of your website and saves it in users browser cache. So next time, whenever that person access your website, static part is loaded from local cache, rather than server, hence decreasing website loading time.

Cleaning up Regularly: It happens in every website. With time unused data, cache, post revision, chunk entries in database began to pile up, which slows down speed as well as performance of your website.

To cleanup this data use any cleanup plugin.


These are some of the tips which I followed after installing wordpress. I hope you too will go through these tips and implement them on your website.

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