Things to Avoid While Dealing With Passwords


From email to social media, from net banking to online shopping, there are many websites and applications that we need to access on daily basis. For all those accounts we have passwords. Passwords are very complex to remember and there is nothing worse than forgetting the passwords. I usually forget my passwords. It drives me crazy. It directly affects my productivity because I have to spend my lot of time in remembering or requesting for new passwords. I am not alone, we all are facing the same problem.

The article will explain what are the things that you need to avoid while dealing with passwords.

how to deal with passwords

Keeping the same password for every account

Perhaps this is one of the easiest ways. And most of us are doing this. We always try to keep things easy.

Well, this is only one side of the coin that can make you happy. But the truth is, the practice is worst (in terms of security). It is an open invitation to hackers. The approach makes their job easy. Now, they only need to attack a single password.

Choosing an easy password

Another easy way of remembering the password. Keeping your pet name, girlfriend’s name, mobile number etc. as your password is a smart way to reduce the complexity of the password. Most of us go with passwords like “password”, “123456789”, “admin”, etc. Although they are easy but they can be guessed easily.

Writing down somewhere

I see many of my office mate noting down their passwords on sticky notes and pasting them on their monitor screen. Many of us have a special notebook where we note down all of our passwords.

It is an insecure way to keep passwords. Imagine what happens if your notebook gets into the wrong hands? You will lose all your credentials.

So, what is the solution? How we can deal with passwords.

To troubleshoot the problem, IT researchers came up with an interesting way that does not only reduce the number of passwords but also saves users time. The technology allows users to access multiple applications that belong to the same organization using one set of credentials. By login to one of the service, users get the permission to access other services that are protected with the technology. IT researchers named it single sign-on solutions.

As the name suggests, single login to many websites. This saves users from creating and remembering new passwords.
These are some points that you need to keep in mind while dealing with passwords. Security is the most important factor both for you and businesses. Don’t forget about the single sign-on solution. It is really a great solution when comes to multiple websites and applications.

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