Some answers to mostly asked questions about wordpress



WordPress is an awesome CMS, with a power to get converted into any type of website effortlessly. This is the reason many newbies and beginners use this cms for creating their first website.

In my journey with WordPress I came across many difficulties, which I am going to share with you all in form of some questions and their answers.

So let the questionnaire begin.


Which WordPress should I choose for my blog .com or .org?

Well, it depends on the purpose of your blog and investment. Basically both the WordPress are free to use.

WordPress.com create blog in its subdomain like xxxxx.WordPress.com. It is free and easy to launch.

Most of the basic things are already pre-configured according to the theme. You just have to enter your desired blog URL an email address and password to get your blogging started.


WordPress.org offers WordPress package which you have to download and configure on your domain. The download is free as well as the plugins and themes for WordPress. If you want additional functionality for themes and plugins, you have to buy premium version of them.

How to do maintenance of WordPress site ?

Maintenance is a vital part of WordPress website. Without regular maintenance the site will fall apart, crash or die to a slow death.

The majority of website owners forget about maintenance and in the end suffer.

Few tips regarding WordPress maintenance:

  1. Update your site regularly: Whenever there is any update in your dashboard, update that plugin, theme or core. It helps in keeping your site secure and improve performance.
  2. Cleanup database: With regular use, junk value start to accumulate in database, which slows down the website performance.
  3. Clear cache: If you are using any caching plugins or plugins which generate cache, clear the cache often.


How can I optimize WordPress for speed ?


WordPress is not that much slow but with time, use and content, it starts becoming slow. This happens with every website. Even if you are regularly cleaning up the database, the effect on speed won’t be much.

So here are few tips to optimize speed of your WordPress website.:

  1. Use cloudflare CDN. A cdn helps in delivering website content like images, js and css files to visitors faster, compared to website’s hosting provider. This is done using network of multiple servers which are spread across the globe.
  2. Use a caching plugin: Caching plugin caches static part of the website such as images and deliver them to the visitor. It saves query execution time which previously was made to request static content.
  3. Enable Server compression: Enable GZip compression on the server to compress content while transmitting.


These are some mostly asked questions about WordPress. I hope they are helpful for you.

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