Social media and its influence on businesses



Today companies use social media to accomplish various business goals such as branding, increasing reach, conversions etc. Small businesses recognize the benefit of social media platforms as a communication platform between their business and customers.

Social media is a valuable resource to businesses which fulfil most of their goals like customer relationship management, market research, public relations, sales, recruitment, customer base expansion etc.

Businesses have embraced social media into their ecosystem, whether it is their social pages or website, social media is an active part.

On website social media is embraced in form of social share buttons, social comment box, follow us widgets and social post streaming,


On social media businesses have official pages which they use for customer service, marketing and brand building.

For Most of the businesses who are using social media, social media is an addon but it has very fruitful returns.

Businesses have been influenced and adopted social media to utilize social media as follows.


Customer Relationship Management: Social media is a platform with lots of potential users. By connecting fans and users with official brand page, businesses are using it for taking feedbacks, help customers etc.  Basically they are embracing it to maintain and establish relationships with customers.


Market Research: Social media is a vast space to dig in. It has every type of audience which can contribute towards any research. Businesses utilize their social reach to do market research in form of different post types, polls and paid ads, This helps them save a lot of money as well as get optimized market research results.


Sales: Many businesses rely on social media for their sales. Orders are made on direct messages, which may be connected to an automation tool which places orders directly on backend.

Social networks like Instagram is very popular among some business niches where sales are accomplished.


This is how social media has influenced businesses.

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