Social Icon for Joomla: Why you need it for your joomla website

Social Icon for Joomla - Why you need it for your joomla website

Joomla is a well known and secure cms. With joomla one can create any type of website which is robust and secure. Today in joomla every type of website is possible to create, whether it is a portfolio website or an e-commerce.

Social icons are important part of a joomla website, irrespective of a website type.

Social share icons are important for sharing website’s content on social media platforms. It can be an image, a blog post or may be whole page.

Why sharing on social media is important?

Social media is a big platform with lots of potential visitors or customers. Exposing your website to social media can increase visitors to your website, improving ranks as well as social visibility score.

Here is how it works.  

If someone comes to your website and finds content interesting, they will share it with their friends, on their social media profile. As soon as it gets shared, it reaches to a new audience. And if it gets reshared, more new audience to get exposed.

Social icons for joomla are available for free and are easy to implement, so why not use them.

Who can use social icons on their joomla site and how?

Basically any website can use it for making their site social friendly.

Below are some of the websites which are mandatory to use social share plugins.

Personal Blog: Person having its own blog needs to have it on their blog posts. For such websites, posts are the fuel to drive traffic and run whole website.

Ecommerce Sites:Ecommerce sites can implement them on their products primarily. People share individual products on their social media so as to flaunt their shopping or as a bookmark.

Business website: on a business website, they can be implemented on their blog page. Though blog may not be the primary mean of traffic but it can generate good percentage of overall traffic.

So do implement social icons on your site.

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