Single Sign-On Solution: What is It and Why Businesses Should Have It?

single sign-on

It is really annoying to enter credentials multiple times a day. Each time when we have to access a website, we need to enter username and password. Creating separate credentials for each leads to increased password count. One of the biggest problems with the passwords is that they are very complex to remember. Many of us keep the same password for most of our resources. which is not a secure process. Some of us use several password management tools to keep all our passwords at the same place. But such tools have also started becoming victim of hackers and once it gets hacked, we will lose all our credentials.

So, we need a solution that solves our problem and helps in reducing number of password. A Single sign-on(SSO) is one such solution. The solution allows users to access all the resources that fall under the same umbrella using one pair of credentials. It is simply a technology that authenticates users to connected resources by login to one of them.


How it helps both business and user?

Some of the benefits of single sign-on are:

Saves users time:  User needs to login to only one website or application and gets the permission to all resources of the same business. That means with SSO, user doesn’t need to login over and over to the websites belonging to a same business. This saves his time.

Improves productivity and experience: With the solution, users or employees can focus and spend more time on websites. This will definitely improve their experience and productivity.

Reduce cost: Businesses are getting numbers of support calls related to password loss. To solve users problems, they need a separate team of IT and some expensive technologies. SSO simply reduces number of passwords, therefore, no more passwords to forget and no more support calls. It saves money.

This is all about a single sign-on solution. If you are a business owner with multiple resources then it is an important technology for you. Implement it as soon as possible.

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