Sharing is Caring for Bloggers


Blogging is very interesting hobby. Most of the people see it as an perfect source for income but for some, it’s the perfect platform for sharing their knowledge.
Blogging nowadays has increased, now everyone is aware about what blogging is. People from age of 10 to 60+ are blogging, sharing their life experience, teaching about stuffs etc.

There are many types of blogging niches, most of them came into existence after blogging became popular.

Blogging is not only opted by Individuals but also by businesses. One can see a dedicated blog section on business websites with quality content on them.

Most of such blogs are industry specific and are rich in updated news about that industry.

Why blogging is necessary?.

With rise in popularity of bloggers, rises a question, what is new in that, why people are doing it?
They are doing it for money as well as for gaining a reputation on internet.

Sharing is Caring

Yes, Sharing is caring. More you share, more your content will reach to a wider audience. Make your content shareable by using social share buttons.
Sharing is not only limited to social share buttons but also with the content. The content should be worth sharing, it should contain valuable information which users can share.

It is unethical to share a spammy content or garbage content which is not worthy to users and to search engines. Generally such content is banned by search engines but spam has its own versions too.

Sharing shows your generosity and responsibility towards community. This also helps building trust and loyalty among other bloggers. Such building of trust and reputation indirectly helps in getting traffic and may be hiring opportunities for big companies.


Therefore as a tip towards blogging, do share your content, but before sharing, make sure that the content is rich in information. Use ethical ways to promote your content and do not spam.

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