Saving up customer’s time: Increase Sales

customers time

Finding and acquiring new customers for your business is not much of a hype nowadays. Marketers are now equipped with automated tools to help them and increase their productivity and complete the targets.
With proper marketing and Branding, a business can easily acquire new customers and with proper customer support and services, they can retain their customers.


Question here arises about the next thing which marketers are concerned about? Yes it is related to customers and sales also, this topic revolves around customers, sales, and how you make them feel.

User experience is the next concern for marketers nowadays. How users are experiencing while they are on your website or service online. According to a study user experience is is the top priority for an customer or consumer. If the customer feels his/her experience is not going so good with the site, he/she may leave the site even after adding something to cart.


One of the various factors affecting customer experience is customer’s time. Yes if a customer feel enough time has been spent on a process they will surely leave. This can be anything. Whether it is site load issue, or transactions is taking up time etc.


Here are some tips for saving up customer’s time which will add a positive user experience:


  • Opting Single Sign on Solutions: Single Sign On is the new way of authenticating on multiple websites owned by a single owner. Once you log in to a SSO enabled website, you need not to login again to another sso enabled website by the same owner. How it helps in saving consumers time? Well, you need not to login every time you visit a new service or domain, thus saving time on filling up forms.


  • Adding CDN for your images: CDN’s are content delivery Networks. As the name says, it delivers content. In this case they will deliver images, as images are the heavier content compared to other files in a generic website. CDN’s are faster compared to a web server as they have a primary objective to host and deliver images. CDN’s are also preferred as they provide faster access to their content on any location of globe as the CDN network is spread worldwide and has content distributed on every location.
    After using CDN’s images on website loads faster compared to previous times, thus decreasing requests to server.


  • Adding Social Login: Social login is signing-in/signin-up via social networks. Users can opt to login to a website via their social profiles. This is a currently trending trend, as most of the users are active on social media and are always logged in to their profiles.It is convenient for them to login using their social profile as they have to just approve the app once and they are done.
    Below is the example on how to configure a social login on your website.
    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/4tG7aVlw7Sc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
    With social login enabled, users can login faster, signup faster, again saving time during authentication.
  • Preferred payment Method: Yes, how your customers prefer to pay for your services or products. It is a psychology that the first choice made is likely to change as first choice projects comfort with the choice, and has always been satisfied with the choice.


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