One Click Login With Single Sign-On


Login prompts to web properties are a pain. We generally have lots of online resources and applications to access. And for all those resources we have to create separate accounts with separate passwords and usernames and need to login each separately. Isn’t it? Yes, we all are suffering from the same problem.

IT researchers realized this pain and came up with a solution named Single sign-on solution (SSO) in order to simplify the authentication process. The method allows users to access all the web properties of a business using the same set of credentials. That means, they don’t need to enter their credentials again and again for each resource.

The single sign-on solution is an important solution for businesses with multiple web resources. With this solution, they can offer simple and quick authentication to their customers. There are numbers of SSO vendors available in the market but before choosing one, be sure to ask the following questions:

Is the solution supports all your applications?

You are planning to deploy the SSO solution because you have multiple online applications and you want to make it easy for users to gain access to them. Therefore, it is very important to find out whether the solution supports all your applications and software.

How easily you deploy the solution?

Undoubtedly, SSO is an out of the box authentication solution. More the number of applications, it will be more complex and require more time for implementing the solution. So, be sure to have a solution which is easy to deploy in short span of time. Because longer the time it takes, more money you have to spend.

How secure is it?

Security is one of the factors that build a business. It has become the first priority for both businesses and users. Before opting for an SSO solution, have a look on what type of protocol it is following.

Does it save money?

Definitely, the ultimate aim of any business is to make profits. The money you are going to invest on SSO is an investment in productivity and efficiency. So, implement a solution which you gives you out maximum profit.

Thus, we see that SSO solution reduces the number of passwords to remember and makes the complex authentication process not only simple but also quick.

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