Most common wordpress errors anyone can face



If you are using wordpress for a long time, then you must be aware of some common wordpress errors . It can happen to anyone using wordpress, irrespective of experience and use type.

These errors can happen out of the blue, while installing something on the server or due to server load.

In this post we will be discussing some of the common wordpress errors which everyone can face while using wordpress.

These notorious wordpress errors are easy to fix but it takes time to understand what has caused them.

Internal server error WordPress Error

Internal Server Error is also known as 500 internal server error. It is a very general HTTP status code that means there is some error but the server does not have any idea about the problem. The server does not have enough information about how the error has occurred or what has caused the error.

So whenever this error occurs, you are up to your own to figure out the source of error and its fix.  

Solution to this error:

You can replace your .htaccess file with a default .htaccess file. The chances are that .htaccess file has corrupted and is causing this error.
Instead of replacing, rename the .htaccess file and paste a newly generated .htaccess file.

To generate default .htaccess file, you can follow this link.

Another fix to this problem is disabling all the plugins. You can disable all the plugins and cross check for the occurrence of the error.

Disable plugins using admin dashboard or using FTP.

You can also increase the PHP memory limit

Error Establishing a Database Connection WordPress Error

This error occurs while installing wordpress. If you get this error, then this means that you have a problem connecting with database.

The database credentials are wrong in wp-config.php.


To fix “Error establishing a database connection” error, cross check your database credentials like database name, database username and database password. The mostly left out detail is the hostname. For most of the servers, it is localhost but for some servers it can be different.


These are most common wordpress errors anyone can face, so be prepared.


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