Installed Social Share Plugin, Now What To Do

Installed Social Share Plugin, Now What To Do

Social share plugins are the trend now, almost every website has one installed. Even enterprise websites have one in their blog section. Importance of a social share plugin can be understood with its adoption.

Social share plugin not only increases a website’s reach and traffic but also ads up to a positive user experience. If visitors find content useful and worthy of sharing, they will definitely look for sharing options

Let us consider you have blog and you have installed social sharing plugin. Plugin is lightweight, responsive and offers lot’s of social providers but it won’t be enough for generating sharing and attracting visitors.

On priority, unique content is a key point for attracting visitors. Second is how to provoke sharing via social buttons.

What will make visitors to hit one of those buttons and increase the counter by 1.

For provoking sharing, first you have to choose for minimal social providers. Providing all or more than 5 social providers will confuse visitors and will create clutter, UI wise. If your blog is about a particular niche, then opt for social networks where your content can influence maximum of audience.

After choosing few social providers, comes the placement. Where exactly to place them to get maximum output out of your viewers?

For short posts and articles, sharing buttons should be placed at the bottom, so that upon finishing reading, it is convenient to share.

For long reads and placing sharing buttons in starting and end will open up options for quick readers and share before read viewers.

Some visitors prefer to share a content before reading so as to bookmark it somewhere, rather than bookmarking it in browser.

Most of the sharing plugins comes with a 2 tier interface. 1st tier being the social providers which are displayed upon clicking sharing plugin icon or are visible on posts or images. 2nd tier being more options near tier 1 plugins.

Tier 1 plugins are meant to have plugins which are most relevant to visitors and should be used carefully. 2nd tier plugins should be arranged according to sharing history. If user is unable to find its favourite social provider in 1 go, then chances are there that they may drop the idea of sharing.

Following to these tips will ensure best usage of your social share plugin.

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