Identity Managemement solution: Advantages that attracts businesses


Security is one of the major concerns for online businesses. Unlike offline shops, online businesses make money 24×7. We have been pampered by web services a lot and cannot ignore the risks associated with it.

For a medium and large scale businesses, the risk factor is almost same. For medium scale business, they are a growing business and cannot afford to compromise. Large scale business is already established and cannot afford to compromise even the slightest information.

For business, customer data is one of the many data a business possess and cannot afford to lose. Data associated with customers is its username and password. It holds the key to many locks which company does not know about.

Identity management solution serves as a one-stop solution to identity management supporting integrations and security.

It is a SaaS based service and works alongside an online business property. It manages its own serves for storage and database and does not require any resource from business.

Being a SaaS tool, business also discharge itself from maintenance and upgrades. Upgrades and maintenance are done by service provider only.

Some of the other benefits of an Identity Management Solution are:

Subscription based model:Unlike softwares, it is based on subscription model. That means it can pe purchased on monthly or yearly basis with liberty to cancel any time.

Scalable: According to requirement resources can be added or removed, like space, bandwidth etc.

Integration to third party apps: Third party apps such as salesforce, mailchimp, wordpress etc.which require user data for functioning. Automatic data push saves time and resources invested by a business.

Other methods of authentication: It offers other method of authentication, other than traditional login. It includes social login and otp login. Users can opt for any solution according to their convenience.

By seeing such advantages businesses are getting attracted and have started opting them.

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