How to increase traffic to your Magento Website



Magento is a widely used ecommerce CMS which is used to create ecommerce website.

Generating traffic is an easy job but generating quality is tough. For a magento built website there are certain elements and integrations which help in generating/driving/increasing traffic.

Few ways through which you can increase your traffic are:

Using Paid Ads: paid ads are available for search engines as well as social media platforms. By paying for ads you can easily reserve a slot on those platforms and display your advertisement. Advertisement can be anything from discounts to new products or simply just awareness.

Paid ads are very effective and drive quick results. For a magento website, there are certain plugins which embed social analytics and search engine analytics code into the cms to enable tracking and goal conversion.  Plugin like Google Universal Analytics embed google analytics code,  Facebook Pixel embed facebook ads code into a magento website, and there are other such plugins supporting different social and search engine platforms.

Social share Buttons: Social share buttons are very helpful for visitors.  It helps them in sharing  website content such as images, products, blog posts etc on their social profiles. Social media being a potential platform for traffic, can help in increasing relevant traffic as well as in promotion.

Magento Social Share plugin display social sharing buttons on different elements of the website hence making them shareable.

Adding them increases user experience as well as chance of getting traffic on the site.


Use a SEO plugin: SEO plugin for magento searches for seo changes, displayed recommendation and implement some of the changes too.

There are certain elements which are needed to optimize for SEO otherwise all the other marketing and ranking efforts will become useless.

Optimizing site for SEO increase change of website to rank well on search engines, which then drive free traffic to your site.

Most common seo elements to keep in mind are title and description tags as they increase CTR and contributes to provide relevant information to users and search bots about the site.

Another is canonical tag, which tells bots about the original version of the page.  For more on magento SEO you can visit this post.


These are some of the ways you can increase traffic to your magento site. For discussions, you can comment below.

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