How to create an effective website to improve user experience on website



Creating a website is not just enough to get success on internet. All the efforts on internet are useless until and unless you have a good website.

A website is something which reflects your online identity. Creating a website does not guarantee you success in your efforts, an optimized website does.

To create an optimized website, some of the few things to know are web design psychology, visitor insights and latest technology.


Why there is a need for creating an effective website?

A Website is a face of a business in virtual world. Users cannot see or know about a businesses which is operating physically, they have to be present there to know about it in detail. So a website serves as a platform to serve them with required information to know about the business.

Some businesses are purely virtual, like ecommerce and service providers.  They have physical offices but they do not serve physically. So for such businesses, user experience is the only factor which can help their website to be attractive so that it can benefit both.


Few tips to create an effective website and improve user experience


Be mobile responsive: Today everyone is using mobile for daily interaction on web. From creating an email to checking out statistics of the product, everyone is using mobile devices to perform actions which previously were limited to desktops only.

If a website isn’t mobile friendly, it will loose its visitors sooner or later. So to utilize traffic from mobile devices, a website should be responsive.

If it is a blog, then it is necessary to have responsive social sharing buttons on the blog, which will help people share conveniently from mobile devices.


Use color Psychology: Color psychology is an important factor which can help convert visitors into leads. Every color provokes certain emotions of visitors. This psychology helps in provoking certain emotions of customers and convert them into lead.

It should be also noted that the color should also suite a website theme otherwise it will affect user mood and can cause visitors to bounce back.



Minimalistic Approach:

A website reflects everything which a business wants to tell its visitors. Service based websites need clear visibility over CTA’s.

Minimalistic web design ensures beautiful UI along with clear CTA’s, which improves user experience as well as increase conversions.


I hope you will adopt these suggestions to develop websites which are user friendly and are effective.


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