How to be a successful web designer



Web designing is a booming career since the growth of dotcom bubble in past few years. Everyone today is looking for web designers and developers to create their websites. From small businesses to big enterprises, everyone needs to have an official online presence.

For being a web designer, there is no academic barrier present. Anyone who knows how to code can do designing and become proficient.

In Order to start designing, there are some basics which should be kept in mind to design great websites and become a successful designer.


The basics: Before entering into designing, you should have a grasp of basics of HTML, CSS and JS. Most of the designers start designing from automated tools available on the internet. Some tools are SaaS based and some require installation on a device.

Although these tools make work easier and faster, some of them are useless when it comes to big projects. Big projects can include corporate websites, ecommerce sites, portals etc. These projects require someone to code constantly and push small updates in form of modules.


Design for user experience: Every website looks beautiful to a person who designed it but it may not suit visitors eyes when it comes to user experience. User experience is the overall experience of a person who uses a website.
If the person is not happy with the design and is facing problems regarding finding or using models of the  website, then creating a website is a waste.
To improve user experience on website choose certain colors which compliment each other. Use user psychology in web design to improve user experience. This will help in attracting visitors and increasing conversions on the website (that’s what the customer want).

Stay updated: Always stay updated with latest trends. Latest trends will help you in increasing your knowledge as well as skills. Every year some trend hit the market and sooner or later everyone starts adopting it, just like side menus and hamburger menus.
It is better to know it yourself rather than knowing it from your client.


These are some of the tips to become a successful web designer.

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