FAQ: Single Sign-On Solution


Managing passwords has never been easy. We all have more than dozens of passwords to remember. The single sign-on or SSO is a method that saves us from the fear of remembering passwords. The method allows us to enjoy all the services of the same business using one pair of credential.

Businesses with multiple websites are widely implementing the solution to save their users from the password fatigue. But there are several questions come in the mind of a business owner before going to implement the solution.

In this article, I am going to mention some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the single sign-on.



Does it improves customers experience?

This is one of the most asked questions. Businesses invest money to offer the best services to their customers. By reducing the numbers of passwords to one, the solution amplifies the user experience. With SSO solution, there is no need to login to each resource independently, login to any of the resources will permit the user to access others for a session.

Thus, it improves their experience by not only reducing password count but also by saving their time.


Will it work with web server applications?

This is an another important question. If the application is written or if the server you are suing supports Kerberos, the solution definitely works great with the web server applications.


Does it require additional software?

The answer is a big No. No additional software is needed to get the solution working.


How much time does it take to implement the solution?

If we assume that all components are in place, it takes only a day to implement the solution. But in many cases, clients demanded to implement the solution over the course of several days.


How does it saves money?

By reducing the number of passwords, it makes customers free from. They don’t have many passwords to remember. Lower the passwords to remember, lower the chances of forgetting them and that ultimately means lower the number of support calls.

This helps businesses to reduce cost on support help desk team. Apart from this, there is no need of additional software as I mentioned earlier. All this save money and provide maximum profit to businesses.

These are some common FAQ about the SSO solution. If you want to add more, please mention your questions in the comment box.



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