Writing an email subject lines to improve open rates!

Before jumping on the topic to write a result driven email subject line, let’s see some eye-opening stats first:

  • 33% of emails are opened based on their subject lines only.
  • Subject lines having 30 or fewer characters have an above average open rate.
  • Subject lines that are personalized are 22.2% more likely to be opened.


So are your subject lines eliciting proper responses? Do your email marketing campaigns bring you some tangible benefits?

If your answer to either of the above is NO then you certainly need this post as this article is entirely focused on crafting catchy email subject lines to reach out your targeted audience. Have a look at these tips and master the skill of writing attention grabbing subject lines to get more clicks.

Target it!

Everyone likes Personalization. Hence utilize this psychology of humans and add a bit of personalization in your subject lines like the name of place or weather. For example “Attention Angelenos, have a look at our new book!”

One more way to establish this personalization is to add your recipient’s first or last name in your subject lines.


Include some action verbs!

You must have heard of this phrase very often “Every Action has a reaction” . Well, this goes with our email subject lines as well. A subject line with some action in it often prompts people to respond it with some action.


Do not stick to the same subject line every time!

As you keep your content fresh, it is necessary to keep your subject lines fresh as well. It is not like if a subject line worked last time, it will work this time as well. Besides, it might give your readers an impression that you are sending the same again and again.


Keep it short!

It’s a matter of few seconds only to decide whether to open an email or not. So always keep your subject lines simple and short. Do not make your readers dig through to find out what’s your purpose. As mentioned above 30 or fewer characters are more than enough to craft a result fetching subject line.


Choose your ‘form’ name wisely!

The name on your form is the key to your messaging. Obviously, a reader won’t open an email if he find it automated. So try to name your form with a real human name and keep these points in your mind while choosing a form address.

  • No free webmail address.
  • No no-reply address.
  • No invalid email address.


So these are some thing to keep in mind for writing a perfect email subject lines.

Do you find them interesting?

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