Customer Identity Management for Unified Customer View

Customer Identity Management for Unified Customer View

Marketing strategies depend on how well marketers understand customers and their needs and demands. Today’s digital market entirely depends on its customers digital identities. On the other hand, customers want everything at minimal efforts. They want personalized and customized experience. So, to meet up the need of personalized experience, businesses need to know more and more about the customer and get unified customer view to manage their profile. Here I am going to explain how customer identity and access management platform or cIAM helps you to drive unified view of the customer.

cIAM platform enables you to create an account for users where a user needs to provide his/her credentials to authenticate. Once the user authenticates himself, the platform records the user’s credentials and other details. This help businesses to know about their customers and their requirements.

Features of cIAM platform:

Data privacy management: The platform has a unique feature that permits customers to specify their consent to share their personal and private data. So, this privacy management policy makes a layer of trust factor among customers and improves customer loyalty.

Social login: The social login features offers a convenient way of website login. A user can login to a website using third-party credentials or social media instead of creating new ID credentials.

Single sign-on: This feature allows users to access all resources of an organization that belongs to them using a single set of username and password. No matter from which website users are logging in, the solution drives a unified view of users and helps an organization to identify real identity of users.

Profile Management: It is a unique feature. With the help of this feature, customers can update their credentials and accounts details on their own. The customer can communicate organization and choose what services they need. The feature helps businesses to know what are the needs of their customers and what they need to do to fulfill them.

These are some important features of cIAM platform, apart from these, the platform also offers multi factor web authentication, password reset etc. So, do not wait, implement the platform to deliver the best to your customer by knowing them in the best way.

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