Coolest Arduino projects to encourage your DIY!


Arduino has earned a huge fan-base all around the world and now it has been taught to children as hobby classes, Summer schools and other means of DIY. Arduino also known as Genuino in some places of the world is a very booming option for the students who are onto their first project practice. Arduino is an awesome kind of technique that encourage people to tinker with the technology themselves. SO if you also have an Arduino lying around yourself, Don’t waste it, take initiative and build an environment friendly project for yourself.


For your inspiration, I have compiled a list of 5 easy to make Arduino projects from best in class Arduino websites. Have a look!


Easy Robot toy Pipe Bot!


If you are just a fresher in the Arduino world and looking for the simplest project to work upon, here is an example for you. Pipe-bot is a rolling robot that you can control with your smartphone.

To develop this cool project all you need are all the mechanical engineering tools, a pair of inexpensive wheels, motors and batteries etc. You can learn more about it from here.


Fingerprint Scanner!


To build your own Fingerprint scanner all you need are a fingerprint scanner module and some other basic components. With a little understanding of Arduino and microcontrollers you can build your own security guard. For details click here.


LED light display in cube version!


This arduino project is for some serious nerds who just want to show off how better their project truly is. This cube of lights is really incredible and require 64 LEDs along with some registers to put together and a steady soldering hand. If you also want to create an astonishing cube, visit this link.


Arduino Candy Grabber !


If you are interested to spend that much on your project then this Arduino based Candy Grabber is the best project till date. This candy grabber can be controlled in real time via an internet connection and it also has a video stream which allows you to see what you are doing from anywhere.


So these are some of the projects that you can develop on your own with the basic understanding of Arduino. But Arduino is really a fun and can easily be understood by the number of online websites dedicated for it.

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