Confession of a shopaholic who hates abandoning shopping carts but eventually does!

shopping cart

Well the shopaholic person mentioned in the title is referred to entirely me and here I am writing on the behalf of all those woman who are mad for shopping and spend most of their time visiting online e commerce sites to browse what is latest in trend. For a shopaholic like me earning means being able to afford all those lovely items that people beautifully showcase in their online stores. Well this post is not to brag about how crazy I am for shopping, the reason why I am writing this is- sometimes even after being so much enthusiastic for shopping, I abandon my cart in the half and do not complete the purchase. I wonder why I do that, Then I realize some of the common reasons that made me abandonment my cart. And I think we all face these common issues many a times during our online shopping session. Here they are:



shopping cart


Registration forms are not what I love at all!

Frankly speaking, I do not like their behavior when they throw a big signup form at my face just at the time when I am clearing my purchases. For someone like me, filling a big form is a real pain and I prefer to do whatever I can do to escape myself from this mundane task. But the fact is we have to face them every time but to make things simpler for us these online shopping sites can simplify their registration forms or simply can enable social login to their sites and can ask only for the mandatory details like phone number, shipping address and that’s it.


I consider Register for a purchase is equal to their forced sign up for annoying newsletters!

Well if you site owners really think that you can force me to register so that you can slightly slip in your annoying newsletters into my inbox then hold on, I am the customer here. I take the shots here. I might not care to register further because I do not want to be a participant of your big mailing list that you use to annoy your customers.


It is all because of your lack of coupon codes so blame them, not me!

Wait I found a coupon box to enter some codes to get an instant discount but what the coupon code is not mentioned anywhere at your site. So I google for some codes available for your site and found a coupon more attractive for some other site. So

I hope you get it what my next step will be. I’ll drop your site and give your competitor site a chance and complete my purchase.


So these are some of the reasons I find really annoying when shopping online and are the most obvious reasons of most of us for abandoned shopping carts.



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