A complete description of Instagram for business!



One can easily call Instagram’s progress a remarkable success that it is now converted into a high power social network then just a trendy app. Instagram leaving all the leading social media platforms behind has now become the first choice of brands and personals. Instagram’s big user base of 700 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users says that, I don’t. Instagram is the best tool when it comes to engagement and engagement is the most essential necessity of big brands now. As with engagement comes results, likes, comments,shares and most importantly sales. So dear business owners if you haven’t introduce Instagram in your marketing strategies then it’s high time now to go for Instagram marketing.

Let’s have a look at some Instagram marketing trends for 2017 for businesses to get results that count!

Pick a perfect Instagram Palette!

An optimal theme for your Instagram profile is as important as the high quality content. Often people are found concerned for a single post but today brands are looking for a bigger picture. When you make Instagram your prime social media marketing platform, it is necessary to stick to a singular theme that also reflects your overall brand personality. Maintain a correlation between each post you make on Instagram. Be creative but don’t randomize your content on Instagram.

Utilize Instagram Live for transparency!

Although it’s been only two years when Instagram Live feature has been launched and it already has gained 250 million daily users. When it comes to Instagram marketing, trust me brands love it because this feature gives them an opportunity to be completely transparent with their targeted audience. Many brands adopted this feature for the purpose of live demonstration of their products, on-the-spot interviews with their previous clients and to run tests to prove the quality of their products. Instagram Live is not for creating digital commercials but with this feature you can really engage your audience and can get some real influences to talk about latest trends.

Additional Giveaways!

Working on Instagram is real fun, it is no more a work now. Instagram gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with your visitors in a way which is comfortable for them. Always remember that all these platforms are for being social. So never afraid to do experiments. Just figure out what your visitors are liking the most and where they make most of the interaction and what kind of content grabs most of the attention? To ensure better success tracking of these specific metrics is must.



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