CIAM, the backbone of Business

identity access management

Change of technologies is taking place rapidly. Every day a technology is emerging and changing trends and other technologies. One of the best example of such technology is 3D printing. 3D printing is more than just a technology now. Nowadays most of the businesses are opting it in making 3D models of everything they can make. Even in hospitals, 3D Printing is helping doctors cutting costs on complex and costly surgeries.


In businesses, there are many such technologies which have changed the way businesses are done. Some are so helpful and productive they are adopted in core of a business. Adapting something to core is a big thing. Adapting a change in core means shakeup of other processes like production, marketing, R&D etc.

In every business every process is set in such a work flow that it won’t affect other process irrespective of any situation.


If a new process comes in, it is not necessary that it will affect every process but will change some ethics in those processes. Addition and removal of some technologies in every process can be expected though.


One such technology is Customer Identity Management platform which has changed the way business understands its customers and makes marketing decisions.


A CIAM platform is more than what it looks. It helps simplifying user registrations and manage them too. Customer registration data is stored securely in cloud. It makes it accessible from everywhere by a business.


Along with storing customer registrations, it also generates customer insights. Customer insights are like knowing  customers in person.These insights are generated on the basis of customer’s likes and preferences.


If a business knows its customers closely, it can be able to deliver products and services according to them, moreover personalized offers can also be given in order to strengthen customer business relationship

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