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software testingWell, there is no magic formula that can make you master in the niche of software testing but an hour or two hour reading of some excellent blog posts can sharpen your mind to consider things (in our case software projects) from multiple viewpoints. The only trick is to understand the best practices and proven methods from all over the world which are presented to you via various blogs. This blog post as well is to enlist some of the high ranking QA blogs to help you out when you want to solve a bug, get latest updates and to find answers to the interview questions or anything you want to know about quality assurance.


Let’s have a look !

Software Testing Pro !

Software testing professionals is an online community dedicated to provide valuable resources such as white papers, news, articles, conferences, events aimed to solve the demands of software testers globally. It keeps a track of all latest happening in the software industry and keep you updated.


Ministry of testing !

This platform is headed by Rosie Sherry that propagates the message of “co-creating smart testers”. This platform is focused on sharing updates, events and useful insights for the global test community. Apart from all these latest updates, it also behaves as an online directory that also lists jobs and news related to software testing and showcases different software testing tools, their service providers and other test management tools.


uTest !

It is an international platform consisting of 20,000+ testing professionals all around the world. It is really helpful that helps maestros to find interesting testing projects, courses, forums and article to escalate their knowledge and skills.


Sticky Minds !

Sticky minds community is the most interactive testing community in collaboration with Techwell online communities. Sticky mind gives a well detailed article every week.  Apart from fully detailed articles, this information provider also has a separate question answer section where you need to register yourself first to be able to post a question in front of the whole testing community.

So these are my all time favorite blogs that occupies my first four tabs always. Give them a try and let me know how you feel about them in the comments below.


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