Best YouTube motivational channels of all time!

In the pursuit of self-improvement, there’s always a never-ending demand of inspiration and motivation to keep oneself going. And in that, a piece of short inspirational video or story is able to change your whole prospect towards life and help you to improve it for better. I agree Self-help books are the best resources for people to have a look but with time everything is changed a bit and now there are number of YouTube channels for you to have a look whenever you are passing through a bad phase in life.

Here is a list of such life-changing YouTube motivational speakers. Have a look!


Mateusz M :

It is the best motivational speaker on this list who is having more than 880,000 subscribers. He has that power in his videos that ignite emotions using the words of greatest legends ever like Steve Jobs, Will Smith, Les Brown. His extraordinary word synchronization with emotive visuals can joggle your dormant place but has enormous potential and all you need is to tap into that.


Eric Thomas :

Eric thomas- a person with vibrant passion has set himself apart from all others. Listening to his words sends chills down your spine. So give his insightful work an ear and give your sorrowful thoughts a break.


Brian Tracy :

He is one of the ultra- successful coach in the industry and owns about 480 high quality videos on his famous video channel. I suggest everyone to subscribe him as his videos will definitely add value to your life and give you right directions in just 4-5 minutes.


Fight Mediocrity:

This YouTube Channel is not owned by a big billionaire still it tops my list because of its raw innovation. He provides you wisdom basically originated from books and use animated video to make them more interesting. So if you are bored with books to death, take advantage of this channel and improve your life.


Absolute Motivation :

This YouTube Channel as the name says, provides thought awakening concepts in the form of mashups and remix videos. With the vision of making a better life this channel currently owns 4,35,619 subscribers and 34+ million views and not this, it is continuously adding up more stuff inspired from great athletes, entrepreneurs, and big celebrities.


Well the list is a non-ending concept as there is a huge number of these channels. So for now try out this list and let me know how you feel about them.



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