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In this digitally connected world, more people than ever are leaving many digital signal for marketers to follow via various mediums such as their most used mobile apps, social media platforms and so on. And for marketers analyzing these data points is very necessary as these benchmarks helps them to measure their own success and to understand what changes are required in the current marketing strategy to grow their networking and sale. Now the question is what are these digital signals or I can say what is this Social data and how it helps businesses?

Social data is the constitution of information shared by billions of people on various social media platforms in every single hour. This social data helps businesses and marketers to determine their audience interests by monitoring the large amount of data being gathered everyday via various social networks. With the help of this data you can well understand your audiences better, their likes,dislikes and other data points such as their age, sex and other demographics so that you can further segment your audience and know who are your targeted audience and how you need to engage with them.


How to collect this Social Data??

The process of collecting various data points about billions of people can be a very cumbersome task but luckily we have some tools to do the task for us. Here I am outlining some of these tools so have a look at these points:-

Google Alerts:

Google alert is the most common tool that every individual and business owner use to keep track of changes taking place over the internet. It is Google’s notification service that notifies a business owner or an individual about the changes in the industry for which he has personalized interests.

Social Login:

This is an another awesome way to gather social data on a website. Social media login connects users to a website by allowing them to login to a website with their already existing social media id. This is also the most reliable approach to collect customer profile data as the data that is gathered by this approach is the first party data and there is no involvement of any dealer or other third party interference.


Google Analytics:

This tool helps you to keep track of the traffic of your website. This is an extraordinary tool that shows you the behavior of users when they visit your website. With such analytics you will be able to direct the strategies that are totally your customer driven as ultimately your customers are the one who is responsible for your success.

So these are the tools that I personally use to keep an eye on my visitors and the results that I get through these tools are really interesting so I suggest everyone to make use of these tools and also let me know other tools as well so that I can improve my tactics. Drop them in the comment box below.

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