Authentication That Leads To Conversion

Authentication That Leads To Conversion

Web has been accessible to almost 40% of the global population today. Use of internet has increased productivity as well as invention of new technologies which use internet as medium for communication and execution, like cloud services etc.

Website is a crucial part for everyone who is looking for a presence on internet. Whatever be the motive behind the website, the ultimate goal is to serve the customers or visitors.

Overall experience on website is one of the factors which attracts customers, leads to conversions.

There are 3 types of visitors which a website generally has and it is very important to understand all of them.

First are the serious ones. They visit website specifically for a purpose.

Second are not serious about their choice or are just to get knowledge.

Third one are the important ones. They are there for a purpose but are confused. Any single gap which gives them time to think may change their mind

One of such gaps is when they authenticate to a site.

It happens in both ways, if they are a registered user or not, it may change their mind and can make them leave the site.

For stopping this from happening, alternates to traditional authentication system is needed because they takes up time and efforts to fill.

Let us discuss such alternatives which can be used instead of traditional authentication process.

OTP Login: Latest in the list, OTP login is a passwordless alternative provided in a registration service. Just like any other OTP process, a one time password is sent to registered mobile number and as soon as OTP is submitted within a required time limit, user logs in.

Registration too is possible via phone, for an OTP login enabled website.

It also provides a better user experience where user has to make no efforts in remembering username and password. And OTP being a temporary entity, it is very secure because even if the OTP is left saved, it cannot be used again for validating.

Social login: Social login makes use of social media profiles to authenticate to a website. With increase in active social media users, social login stands chance to be adopted quickly. Benefit with social login is that it is a one time process to approve access to some social media details (no sensitive data) and next time a simple tap on a social network will automate the login process(if already logged in to social media profile.)

For businesses, social login is beneficial because along with genuinity of user, important data such as age, location, likes, etc. can be known for a user which later can help them in improving their product and personalization.

Implementing them will help visitors come over password fatigueness and decrease the time which may make change their mind, which means increase in interaction on website and conversions.

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