Are your customers right for you

right customers

Today businesses are migrating to new platforms. Top adopted platforms are customer identity and access management platform, heat mapping and tracking platform, CRM platform etc. These platforms not only help them boost their productivity but also sales. Increase in productivity often leads to less resource consumption and quality manpower.


Spending million dollars on resources, platforms, research, product improvement is the trend now as it results in positive outcomes. Even if the outcome is negative, business get to learn something new which later on helps them.


Most of the businesses primarily focus on how to get new customers, how present customers can be retained, how their product is doing in market, what competitors are upto etc. but they often forget a main basic business ethic. Customers, they often forget the customers they are dealing with.


Why reviewing customers is necessary?


Time changes everything. With time things change, even if it’s your favourite snack or pastime, so are the customers. Everyday something new is being introduced to the world irrespective of field which directly or indirectly affects your consumers.

Let’s take an example of microwave ovens. They were invented very long time ago. They are very much convenient in cooking food.
Nowadays most of the people are using microwave ovens for cooking or just heating food. Somewhere it has affected restaurant businesses. Customers prefer to cook at home using microwave ovens which is very much cheaper compared to regularly eating in restaurants.


So it is very essential of business to keep updating themself regarding their customers. What are their preferences, likes, interests and what has changed from last year metrics. A cIAM platform helps businesses to understand and manage their customers and customer registrations. Generated insights via cIAM are very helpful for marketing departments.


So it is very essential for businesses to know about right customers for their business and should be a primary focus all the time.

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