Advantages of Web Single Sign-On For Businesses

single sign-on

Forgetting a username and password is a natural phenomenon if he has dozens of accounts to access regularly. In the case of a business, it can be a cost to help both users and employees recover forgotten passwords. Most of us forget our passwords and send requests to recover our lost password. The process is time-wasting for both users and businesses. So, we need a solution that eliminates this problem.

The web single sign-on is one such solution that helps businesses by providing single authentication, that is username and password to users that helps them to access multiple web applications and resources from a business.

The article will explain some of the benefits of web single sign-on (WSSO) solution.

Removes password fatigue

Passwords- hard combination of letters, numbers or special characters, is really hard to remember. I usually forget my passwords and I know I am not alone, we all forget our passwords. Remembering passwords is a tough job. But SSO helps us in removing password fear by using the same password for all the related web services.

Saves money

Nothing is greater than saving money. According to reports by Forrester and Gartner, $25 and $22 respectively are the average money that costs an organization to reset a forgotten password. Here single sign-on can valuable money of a business by allowing users to access services using one password for all the resources belong to them.

Improves user experience

Along with money, the user experience is also an important factor. Good user experience increases the chances of conversion. One set of credentials (username and password) keep them less frustrated. Web single sign-on solution helps users in improving their web experience.

Boosts productivity

As stated earlier, forgetting password will cost business money and for users their time. Having web sso saves users time otherwise he needs to spend it on authenticating different websites and other resources. Users or employees can use this time in exploring more content of the website. This improves the productivity of both users and employees.

SSO can be enabled on mobiles

It is a well-known fact that more and more users are using their smartphones to access the internet these days. Login to different applications on a small screen of a mobile device is very complex. One of the benefits of SSO is that it can be enabled on mobile devices and saves mobile users from typing different credentials on mini screens.

These are some important advantages of web single sign-on solution. If you want to add more, leave me a comment in the comment box.


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