5 Tips To Create A Brand Slogan Your Customer Never Forget

5 Tips To Create A Brand Slogan Your Customer Never Forget

5 Tips To Create A Brand Slogan Your Customer Never ForgetDo you know what it takes to create a company/brand slogan that audience can never take off from its minds? If you are still beginner, stuck between what should be the right slogan for your brand, you must know that the perfect slogan is not only easy to remember but speaks of your brand too. Some of the most popular slogans are:

  • Because you are worth it! (L’Oreal)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s)
  • Many more! You can check out here most popular company slogan examples!

Okay, so you must be thinking, cool, they have great slogans but I already know that! Well, don’t worry, I am going to help you out creating one memorable slogan for your brand as well. Read on!

1. KISS it:

Yes, you heard me right. Keep it short and simple! Imagine what would have happened if Las Vegas would have replaced its slogan from “What happens here, stays here” to “Whatever you do in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”. Not a memorable slogan, right? Therefore whenever you are writing slogan for your company, make sure to keep it under 8 to 10 words max.

2. Highlight what makes you stand out:

Analyze what are your USPs, how they make you better from your others and make sure to connect it to your brand slogan. Your USP is what separates you from others which is why it makes perfectly sense to cater your USPs into your slogan as well.

3. Always be consistent:

Just like all other areas, consistency is key here too. No matter you are a small business just getting started or you are a big brand, creating a slogan that can compliment your brand, niche, logo and projected image is must. For eg, if you check the slogan of Pro Carpet Care, “Your Greener Cleaner”, you will notice that the slogan perfectly complements their leaf logo and website design.

4. Make it long lasting:

Of Course you need to update your slogan time to time but still long term is what you need to plan when you are writing a slogan for your brand. Using phrases like “the only” can put you into risk after sometimg. So avoid these kind of phrases and try to add ones that can work for you into long run.

5. Get input from others:

Creative profiles are the most challenging ones. And therefore creating an ideal company slogan is no different. But again, there is no reason you should be doing it alone. You can always ask your friends, and notice their feedback. Moreover, you can also use social media networks to create polls and get the best opinion.

So guys, I hope the article has helped you out. Let us know which brand slogans are your favorite and why.

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