5 Reasons why your visitors are not completing their purchase!

shopping cart

After having a look at the average cart abandonment rate of nearly 68.07% (announced by Baymard Institute), a lot of E commerce site owners have revised their strategies. Well this needs to be done as more than half of their visitors are returning back without making any purchase which is not what they expected after establishing a well designed website.

shopping cart

The reasons why customers abandon shopping carts and not complete their purchase may vary and here I am presenting 5 most common reasons of them. So just hold on and get ready to revise your marketing strategies to reduce this rate to almost half. Have a look!

Lack of product details!

Today people have a tendency to research the product online before they buy it. According to a research around 81% of online shoppers make proper research before they purchase anything from any e commerce website. So if your website doesn’t satisfy your visitors hunger regarding a product, they are tend to go somewhere else. Depending upon what products you have to sell, include all the possible details on site including photos from all angles, safety regulations, price, instructional videos and reviews also. So that there is no need to look somewhere else for the same product.


Unexpected costs!

When people go for online shopping, they already expect a reliable shipping cost within range but not other than that. So if your shipping costs are above that plus you add some more handling charges which were not declared before checkout, your visitors will flee.


Complicated Registration Process!

When you ask people to register themselves on your site, you probably are undergoing the risk of losing them due to an overly complicated registration process. At time of registration, your customers might feel that you are asking too much information and in return offering nothing. A big sign up form with lots of fields can be a big reason of your ever increasing shopping cart abandonment.

So simplify your registration process or introduce social login to allow visitor to login via their social IDs can help you a lot. You can also offer a coupon code for new user registrations to encourage more registrations.


Lack of Payment options!

Just because you are comfortable with a particular payment processor, it doesn’t mean your customers will be. For example, a lot of people use PayPal for their payment gateway but there are also people who don’t trust paypal or had a poor experience with it. So for such rare situations also offer other payment methods.  For convenience, you can also offer PayPal plus some standard credit card processors.


Well, these are some of the most common reasons of why people are not completing their purchasing and leaving in between. Keep them in mind and resolve these issues if you also have them on your site.

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