5 Killer Marketing Tips from Successful Business Bloggers

5 Killer Marketing Tips from Successful Business Bloggers

5 Killer Marketing Tips from Successful Business BloggersEvery business needs a blog today. No matter what your industry, no matter what your products or services, a blog can help you to connect with existing and potential clients in a direct, informal way.

Your blogs may be long and complex, or they may be short and simple – each business will have its own voice, its own goals, and must write to suit their client-base’s interests. For example, small, independent bakers may write posts on their latest creations, or offer tips, while a massive international brand may create in-depth pieces sharing their opinions on complicated business topics which their knowledgeable clients and associates can engage with.

However, regardless of the blog itself, there are some things which every business must do to help them achieve success with their posts. Make sure the writing itself is always strong and clear; make posts as engaging and shareable as possible (social media can be your friend, especially if readers share it across their accounts with no involvement from yourself); and blogs should be marketed well enough to ensure new people are made aware of your brand.

Below, we share five of the best marketing tips from successful business bloggers to help you get ahead:

Choose the name that speaks about your brand

Choosing a name is difficult. Everyone who has a kid or a pet or a blog, accept it. But unlike common proverb “what’s in the name”, when you talk about blogging, name has everything. Your long term strategy totally depends upon whether you have chosen the right blog name or not. The most common mistake I have seen people making is to settle for any name if the desired name is not available and this is not at all wise choice. What I prefer is if my desired name is going to expire soon, I Google for keywords like .in backorder (since I am an Indian 🙂 )  It provides me various tools using which I can easily backorder my desired blog name.

Step Outside The Box & Let Your Unique Flag Fly

Your blog should be a reflection of not only your business strengths, but also your personality. In a sea chock full of bloggers vying for an audience, the only way to really differentiate yourself is by being yourself. Far too many bloggers are teetering on the edge of success and never cross the threshold simply because they’re afraid to break the mold and afraid of offending people.

Newsflash – your blog’s target audience is NOT everyone. You should be most concerned with garnering a loyal tribe of followers, rather than trying to win everyone’s approval.

“My best marketing tip would be to know your audience. You can have the best marketing campaign in the world, but if you don’t reach and engage your intended audience, the campaign will not be as effective, “ said Alex Cotraviwat, CEO and Founder of The Marendo Group

Megan Ingenbrandt of eZanga.com agreed when she said, “I’d recommend marketers to not be afraid to be different. Many business blogs enter into this cookie cutter mold of their industry. Show your company’s personality! Humanize your brand by showing what makes your company culture stand out.”

Find New Audiences through Online Forums

Searching forums on websites related to your industry – as an example, a digital marketing agency could explore content-writing threads – can help inspire ideas for your blog, and give you the perfect opportunity to promote your posts.

Don’t just add your link and vanish, though. Take time to discuss people’s issues or questions, and raise awareness of your blog gradually. As you build connections in forums, more and more people should start to visit your blog – ideally, they will then comment on there too, and share it with other interested parties.

Connect With Other Influencers in Your Niche

Guest blogging is common in the world of online marketing, offering mutual benefits to yourself and the site your post is placed on: you can direct your followers to this one-off post (driving new traffic to the site) and attract the site’s established visitors back to your blog too.

Find a site related to your products or services and do this on a regular basis with a number of sites, and you could be bringing new readers (and potential new clients) to your blog at a steady rate.

Don’t just promote yourself and vanish, though. Take time to discuss people’s issues or questions, and raise awareness of your blog gradually. As you build real connections more and more people should start to visit your blog.

Ensure you Offer Email Subscriptions and Social Media Options

Provide readers with the option to sign up for email alerts for your blog (ensuring they will receive notification whenever you upload a new post) and to share the post with others on their social media networks. Within a single click, users can put a link to your blog in front of hundreds (potentially even thousands) of people via Facebook, Twitter etc. – if this continues to spread over days and weeks, your traffic should see a substantial jump.

Make sure your posts are informative, engaging, and enjoyable enough, and people will share them. The more you write, the easier it will become, and your posts will become much more fluid. Understand that blogging is a long-term commitment – building strong audiences takes time – but employ smart, strategic marketing tactics to help you reach your goals a little faster.

Make Use of Tools and Analytics

Most successful blog owners have a good grasp on automation and analytics, in order to streamline their process and stop doing what doesn’t work.

“Business owners need to be able to dive deeper into their website analytics to better understand their audience behavior and site performance in order to recognize opportunities and tweak business goals. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that is often underused,” said Lani Gregory of SEOWorks.com

Ray Higdon, of RayHigdon.com talked about streamlining his process when he said, “One of my favorites is to use an online technology called Click to Tweet. Click to Tweet allows you to quote an amount of text and add a button to retweet that content. My Twitter sharing went up over 1,000% when I started using this.”


At the end of the day, becoming a successful blogger comes down to passion, initiative and providing value to your readers.

Susan Bender Phelps of Odyssey Mentoring summed it up best when she said, “Get very clear about why you are blogging and give your readers high value content in short snippets that are easy to read, digest and use.”


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