4 reasons that are driving the need of digital transformation


The 21st century is revolving all around technology. In comparison of the progress made in last 100 years, this century is going to witness the change equivalent of 20,000 years, as predicted by Accelerating Return. Quite shocking, isn’t it? The rapid rise of digital innovation is the key behind this sudden progress. The way digital innovation is touching every aspect of businesses, it has left businesses with two options – either adapt or go back!


The key concept behind this sudden shift towards digital world can be summarized in four reasons that are rapidly changing the marketing world and forcing businesses to adapt new technologies that can boost customer engagement. Since the customer of today is turning to digital world for their day-to-day demands, which makes it essential for businesses to address their demands for all interactions by going through digital transformation.


In this article I am going to highlight four reasons that are driving the need of digital transformation in order to drive better customer experience :


  1. Customers love self service interactions :


The customer of today wants everything quick, he wants to accomplish the task, get the access, make decisions and act on decisions at any time of the day or night. Customers want to control their experience with the brands to fit in their lifestyle and that’s why demanding self service interactions. They are expecting brands to understand their demands and needs and provide personalized experience across all their digital touchpoints. This is where comes the intelligence usage of customer identity data. Having a right identity management solution can boost user experience by providing a seamless registration process, fetching precious data and offering valuable customer insights to offer experience that the audience loves in this omni-channel world.


  1. IT consumerization :


With the rapid rise of IT world, people are expecting that at-work technologies also to be as seamless and easy to use as possible. The new focus on user-friendly workforce technologies has forced businesses to adapt technologies that can work beyond providing their basic tasks. User experience has started to become a major consideration while introducing a new technology in their workforce.


  1. Shift towards mobile apps :


The major shift towards mobile apps is making businesses adapt mobile apps in their strategies as well. Brands are utilizing business apps to offer smooth customer experience to their audience. But this rapid shift hugely relies upon the identity data. Successful app implementation needs APIs so that the identity data can be rapidly embedded into apps to drive consistent smooth customer experience across multi-channels. Also centralized data management is required to address the needs of customers no matter from where they are approaching you.


  1. Focus on security :


One of the major challenge business are facing today is the cyber security. Data breaches are more regular nowadays leaving customers insecure about sharing their data with the brands. But at the same time, businesses want to collect as much data as possible . No doubt, data security tops the priority list of IT workers. Companies are trying their best to figure out a way to utilize customer data to drive engagement without compromising security. The best data storage practices require a centralized customer data management system along with fine data governance policies to make sure data is safe and secure.


As you can see, all the four points have one thing is common, ie identity data. Shift towards digital transformation is no longer avoidable which is why businesses are leaving no stone unturned to make it happen for them too.

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