3 Technologies that will Drive E-commerce Industry to New Heights


E Commerce since past 3 years has changed the way people shop and use internet. Now anyone can order anything by sitting anywhere , whether it is their office, home, kitchen, Toilet or terrace. Ecommerce just needs internet to get response from customers.

Along with ecommerce, many service portals also have made their mark in this change. Services like Booking Cabs, Doctor’s Appointment, laundry etc. have become popular.

Coming Back to E Commerce, it is a simple piece of change but the technological advancements it has implemented, have changed other fields of businesses and made them better.

Let’s Discuss 3 of such advancements that has changed and will make e-commerce reach heights.

  1. Mobile Wallets: Mobile wallets are continuously implemented and adored by sellers. Apple Pay is an great example of adoption and service. No need to carry additional cash in your wallet. It is also known as contactless payment. How it works is your device communicates via a NFC to point of sale device. The transaction credentials are stored in secure chip and an dynamic security code is generated, hence keeping customer payment information private from the seller.
  2. Customer Identity management Platform: It is one of the Trending Technology which has influenced ecommerce as well as online service sector. Wide adoption of cIAM has made it successful and the companies more productive in their strategies and marketing.
    What a Customer Identity management Platform does is that it helps business to manage user registrations by providing them registration services and generates insights based on the registrations.
    Technology looks simple but works wonders. It can easily integrate with many marketing tools and help marketers decide the best strategy to benefit customers and company.
  3. Social Sharing of Experience: Social media is a beautiful way to share every type of experience with friends and to the world. Sharing increases trust and reputation of brand among people. If one shares a purchase on social media, it helps others making decisions faster when it comes to buy that particular product.

These are the technologies which influenced ecommerce and are rocket boosting sales. If you are lacking these features and services, you are lagging behind the race.

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