3 Essentials of IT Security

IT security

Information security has become a very tough challenge for organizations of all sizes and niche. Attempts of information and data breach knocking doors round the clock. Businesses are getting continuous threats from cyber attackers and the attacks are getting more and more complex and sophisticated. Cyber attacks are on top of the list of every newspaper from last few years. Ransomware Wanna Cry is the latest example of a cyber attack that shook the whole world and it adversely affects business operations.

The daily attacks raise an alarm and we require some strong methods that stop cyber criminals from data breaches.  Here are three essential elements or methods that protect users private data from breaches.

Single sign-on

The web single sign-on solution is a user authentication service that permits users to use one set of login credentials to access multiple access. It is often implemented for related applications to avoid a further attempt to login to other applications of the same business for a session. The approach definitely improves users experience since they need to login only once.

The single sign-on solution with biometric is one of the most secure means of authentication. The combination of both not only improves the authentication experience but also ensures account security, reduces support cost and improves productivity.

Access control

It can strengthen IT security. Physical access control to data centers, server rooms can address threats to IT security. But access control at logical level minimize the threats at login prompts. Providing the access to right person at the right time and for a right reason are the basic idea behind access control.

Safeguard systems using IAM solution

Identity and access management control is the security discipline which enables access to resources to the right person. Management of users, providing authorization, authentication within or across systems are the major roles of IAM solutions. The solution is very effective in improving IT security and reducing external threats.

There are several challenges in front of enterprises in order to keep their users private data safe from the hands of cyber criminals. They have to overcome both internal and external threats. The methods mentioned above are very effective and keep you safe from any vulnerabilities.

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