3 biggest misconceptions related to Instagram for business!


Instagram, the rising star of social media has grown exceptionally over the past few years with maintaining a dedicated focus on photos and video sharing. Instagram offers great opportunities to brands to diversify their content with a purpose in mind to broaden their online reach. Despite of all the great advantages of Instagram, many brands still don’t prefer to use it may be because they have some misconceptions regarding this giant social media platform.


Yeah in the world of digitization, misconceptions can lead you to nowhere. Some of such misconceptions are listed below that stop brands using Instagram as their preferred marketing platform. Just have a look!


Instagram is good if you sell only business products!

This is one of the most known misconception spread among people related to Instagram. This happens because Companies think that they don’t have a product to show off so they simply don’t make an account here. But for such companies Instagram encourages videos and photos that shows off their company culture, desk creativity, festival celebrations and employees goodwill. It has two benefits. First it imposes a great impression on job seekers if they find creative images of your company and second it instills trust in potential customers.


Instagram is only for Big brands!

This is a widely known misconception that only brands with big budgets can make a profile on Instagram.This is not at all true. There are small shops like Mission Bicycle, shwood and folk fibers who are doing incredibly fantastic job on Instagram and making a good earning. Even self employed vendors and entrepreneurs are also taking advantage of Instagram for business.


Instagram results can not be measured!

This is not true anymore. Now you have many tools that provide detailed Instagram insights just like other social media platforms. Because of the absence of in built analytic tool, many people think that they have to do this task manually. But now it is possible with some social media platforms. There are SumAll, Statigram, SimplyMeasured(web based apps) and GramPro, Static(IOS apps) that track an account’s activity.


So these are some of the basic things people generally think about Instagram which are not at all true. Hence say goodbye to these misconceptions and embrace Instagram as a brand new tool for marketing.





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