4 Best marketing strategies to employ for the year 2016


The world’s top enterprises have now acknowledged two teams which both play integral parts in their companys’ effort to grow.

These are the

(1) sales

(2) marketing.

However, the weight of their responsibilities can be very overwhelming, thanks to today’s modern technologies which propel them to be as functional as they are now. CRM for example allows both teams to have the access to their clients’ information. There are many platforms and apps which make these teams more productive as well, streamlining the company’s sales process starting from the initial buyer contact to closing the deal.


With the start of 2016, companies rave for the best way to take advantage of technology and open portals of sales opportunities to hasten sales process on their part as well as their customers they serve.

Here are some customer insights coming from the marketing experts themselves which are proven to be effective by America’s top companies.


  1. Use of phones to maximize sales

With the advent of social media and email marketing, companies can build relationships with their targets and clients by employing the human element in their sales techniques. It doesn’t have to always be a face to face encounter. You can still make your marketing strategy personal through phone calls. This gives a personal touch to your marketing strategy without the need to waste your time traveling. Though according to statistics, only one out of 17 sales calls are answered, this does not stop marketing experts to believe that 2016 will be the “year of the phone”.


  1. Consolidation of Sales Tech

These days, it is very common to see companies using around 397 cloud apps. The downside is,  there are often underused or  unused software as well. These apps can be very costly and sometimes touted as a “time consuming mistake.” But as they say, there will always be “light at the end of the tunnel”. And this was proven to be true when ExecVision.io CRO; Steve Richard announced that a sales technology consolidation will happen in 2016. Finally, companies can use a single platform on a well- integrated group of solutions which only requires small investment. This means increase in the company’s profitability and enhancement of the company’s customer service.

  1. Content Strategy as an integral part in the sales process

This year, more buyers opt to make informed decisions when buying. Therefore, they research about the product first before they contact a sales agent. This calls for the need to engaging and accurate content which will boost one’s product’s value, making one’s trade appear superior compared to their other counterparts. Well established companies engage their customers through research based strategies. Therefore, content creation must consider answering the customer’s common questions, engage them and walk them through the buying process. Meaning, you become part of the buyer’s journey. However, starters may need to establish their brands first, therefore the need to make more personal contacts with their targets and clients.


  1. Unification of sales and marketing

In 2016, the highlight of the sales process is centered on the customer’s experience. This is why sales development and marketing needs to work hand and hand to make sure that needs of the customers are met. Amidst today’s overwhelming sales technology, we can’t deny the fact that there is still an existing gap between marketing and sales systems. This leads to unpredictable sales process and disjointed buying experience. To resolve such issue, the company will need a leverage data to know the needs of its buyers. And the best sources for these data are the marketing and sales people.


A lot of changes are expected to happen when running a business in 2016. Such innovations are needed to meet the needs of the companies and their customers alike. The use of technologies will be maximized and buyers’ needs will be given the highest priority. This will be the formula to accelerate sales and make the selling process more predictable for both buyers and the company’s sales teams.

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